The Basic Skills

Tony sat down pondering how to do his homework using his computer. He had a load of homework to do given by his teacher earlier that day. He was given a task to write a story and send it electronically to Miss Peters. He had a computer but he was confused on how to use it. His mother came in to meet him in front of a computer. She asked, “Tony, what’s wrong? Do you know how to do your homework?”

His mother, taking a seat beside, mildly explained, “Honey, you see, a computer needs a set of instructions to guide it on how to do each task given to it. These instructions can be found in Application Software or by purchasing custom software in Modesto CA. For example, Microsoft Word can be used to type, Paint Program can be used to draw and so on. You see before you can write a story using a computer, you must make sure you have an application software for word processing. Microsoft Word has some spell check and grammar check programs known as Language software”.

She went further to explain that to send his homework to his teacher, he needed a Communication Software such as Gmail from the internet. This Communication Software will help to send this in a message form to his teacher.

Tony was excited. He jumped up as if he just won a jackpot. He set to work. First, he searched for Microsoft Word in his computer. Using this Application Software Tony typed his story. He noticed some red and green underlines. He called his mother’s attention to this. His mother reminded him of the Language Software imbedded in Microsoft Word which helps to spell-check the text typed and helps the user to process his text to make it readable.

After processing his text, Tony felt it was now good to be submitted. As he went to Gmail after completing his work, he remembered what his mother said about it. She had said that it was as good as speaking to your teacher directly, so he cross-checked his story by taking a final look at his work. He felt satisfied as he began to compose the message to his teacher. “Good morning, Miss Peters, This is my homework.” he typed. He clicked on the “Attach files” button and clicked “Send”.

The next Monday, Miss Peters called the names of the pupils that successfully submitted their homework and his name was mentioned. Tony was thankful to his mother for all the help. She taught him the basic software skills to a computer that every child should learn.